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If your child is gearing up for summer camp, make sure they are in great physical shape beforehand with a comprehensive camp physical by Stephen A. Schulman, MD. Dr. Schulman has 35 years of pediatric experience and offers in-office camp physicals at his Denton, Texas, pediatric practice. Dr. Schulman ensures your child’s health and gives you the peace of mind that they are ready to go off to camp. His loyal staff also helps you with all the paperwork required by your camp. Schedule a camp physical online or by phone today.

Camp Physicals Q & A

Why does my child need a camp physical?

Camp physicals are often a requirement of an organization to ensure your child’s good health and their ability to participate in camp-related activities. Dr. Schulman and his staff offer in-office camp physicals to meet the requirements of many camp registrations.

Even if not required, Dr. Schulman recommends a routine physical before sending your child off to camp. This allows him the opportunity to ensure camp activities are safe for your child and that they’re fully able to participate.

What can I expect during a camp physical?

During a camp physical appointment, Dr. Schulman discusses your child’s personal and family medical history to determine if existing health issues may interfere with camp activities. He performs a physical exam of your child’s heart health and the function of their other major systems. Dr. Schulman also focuses on your child’s muscle and joint strength and flexibility to ensure they can participate in the physical activities offered at many camps.

If your child has existing health issues, Dr. Schulman may perform diagnostic testing, like blood work, to ensure current treatments are working well. He also evaluates how your child’s current health might be impacted by camp activities.

After the exam is complete, Dr. Schulman and his staff complete the necessary registration paperwork confirming your child’s medical clearance for camp participation.

Will an existing condition prevent my child from participating in camp?

Existing issues like asthma or allergies may not prevent your child from attending camp, but Dr. Schulman might need to create an emergency plan to keep your child safe while away from home. He ensures they have the necessary medications and know how to use them during camp. Dr. Schulman can also provide this information for the camp’s medical team.

In some cases, Dr. Schulman may suggest not sending your child to a specific camp because of underlying health conditions. However, he can recommend other activities or camps that may be safer for your child to attend, or provide the camp with a list of restrictions to protect your child’s health.

Learn more about the benefits of a camp physical by calling the office or requesting a consultation with Dr. Schulman online today.