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Stephen A. Schulman, MD

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As a board-certified pediatrician with 35 years of experience, Stephen A. Schulman, MD, enjoys the privilege of ensuring your newborn gets the right start. At his pediatric office in Denton, Texas, Dr. Schulman and his dedicated staff offer a variety of newborn services starting soon after birth. Dr. Schulman is also the only doctor in the area to visit newborns in the hospital nursery. To give your newborn the best start toward good health, schedule a newborn consultation with Dr. Schulman online or by phone today.

Newborn Care Q & A

What newborn care services are available?

When your baby is born, Dr. Schulman can begin providing care for them in the hospital nursery. He performs necessary health evaluations to ensure your child is healthy and works closely with you to address any concerns you have about newborn care.

Dr. Schulman also performs circumcisions on his male patients, offering complete aftercare instructions for new parents. When you’re ready to be discharged, Dr. Schulman and his staff create a timeline for well-child visits to monitor your baby’s development.

What happens during newborn well-child visits?

Having many years of experience in newborn care, Dr. Schulman is happy to help new parents adjust to the changes in their life following childbirth. He recommends routine well-child visits for all newborns every two to three months to monitor their growth and development and to answer all your questions about caring for your baby.

During each visit, Dr. Schulman also evaluates your child’s:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Nutrition
  • Eating and sleeping habits

Dr. Schulman is also experienced in screenings to ensure your child is achieving different milestones as they grow. He provides in-office assessments of behaviors, social interaction, and behaviors. As your child gets older, he can perform specialized screenings for developmental delays and conditions like attention deficit disorder (ADD).

If your baby has existing health issues, Dr. Schulman also uses well-child visits to ensure their condition is well-controlled and can make adjustments to their treatment plan and medications as needed.

Will my baby need vaccinations?

During newborn well-child visits, Dr. Schulman can provide necessary vaccines to protect your child from contagious diseases like:

  • Mumps
  • Measles
  • Hepatitis
  • Whooping cough

Vaccine schedules are based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and your child’s overall health. Dr. Schulman also creates strategies to prevent your child from harmful disease if they can’t tolerate certain vaccinations due to allergies.

For any questions or concerns about the safety of vaccinations, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Schulman, who can help you make the best decision for your child’s health.

If you’re preparing for childbirth, schedule a consultation with Dr. Schulman ahead of time to learn more about his available services for newborn care. Book your visit online or by calling the office directly today.