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When your child isn’t feeling well, it’s important they receive an accurate diagnosis and prompt medical care with a skilled pediatrician like Stephen A. Schulman, MD, who has 35 years of experience diagnosing and treating sick children. At his Denton, Texas, pediatric practice, Dr. Schulman and his compassionate staff make sick visits a priority, providing same-day appointments to get your child on the road to recovery. Don’t delay a medical evaluation of your child’s symptoms. Call Dr. Schulman’s office or request an appointment online today.

Sick Visits Q & A

When should I schedule a sick visit?

There are a number of factors that influence whether your child needs a medical evaluation with Dr. Schulman. Ideally, if your child is experiencing unexplained pain or other serious symptoms, you should call Dr. Schulman’s office immediately to discuss their needs.

Generally, issues in addition to pain that require medical attention include:

  • Vomiting
  • High fever
  • Earaches
  • Diarrhea
  • Infections
  • Sore throat

Dr. Schulman may suggest an office visit if your child’s symptoms aren’t relieved by home care or if they interfere with your child’s ability to eat or drink.

Your child may also need to see Dr. Schulman if they have an existing health condition and develop a cold or other condition that can cause additional complications.

What happens during a sick visit?

To understand the cause of your child’s symptoms, Dr. Schulman’s office is fully equipped with the latest diagnostics. He reviews their symptoms and performs a physical exam before recommending tests like:

  • Strep tests
  • Blood work
  • Urine testing

Based on the results of the exam, in-office tests, and your child’s age, Dr. Schulman creates a treatment plan with the goal of helping your child feel better fast.

What treatments are available for a sick child?

If your child has symptoms of a cold or flu, Dr. Schulman may suggest over-the-counter medications and rest. If their illness is the result of a bacteria, he can prescribe a course of antibiotics to clear the infection.

Dr. Schulman is skilled in treating a variety of pediatric illnesses and ensures your child is well-hydrated, especially if they have persistent diarrhea or vomiting. He’s also extensively trained in treating sick newborns and infants to prevent long-term health complications.

In some cases, he may refer you to a specialist for additional testing or treatment. If your child is dehydrated or needs observational care, Dr. Schulman may admit them to an area hospital and monitor their condition.

Regardless of the reason for your visit, Dr. Schulman and his caring staff make your sick child’s health a top priority and work closely with you for the best possible outcome.

If your child needs a sick visit appointment, call the office directly or request a consultation online today.